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April 16, 2019

Trails are closed for the season and a great season it was.  See you next year!

April 2, 2019

The season is coming to a close.  In higher elevations only the trails are good to fair.  The season is coming to a close and it was a great season.  

March 23, 2019

We have snow in Mt. Holly!  We received about 10" yesterday and throughout the night.  We are grooming and it looks like it may be a great weekend for riding.

March 18, 2019

Trails are fair.  There is still riding to be found but the sun and warm temps have melted a good amount of snow.  

March 3, 2019

Received a few inches of fresh snow on top of the packed groomed trails.  Trails are in great condition.  

March 1, 2019

Great Conditions on the trails.  Enjoy the Ride!

February 27, 2019

Trails were groomed overnight and are in good condition.  Still hoping for more snow to extend the season.  

February 20, 2019

Trails north of Route 103 have been groomed and are in good condition.We are expecting 3-5 inches of fresh snow today and into tomorrow.  

February 15, 2019

Trails are groomed.  As always we could use more snow but the current conditions are good and the base has held up well.  

February 13, 2019

We have snow!  The base is packed and frozen and we have been out grooming.  We didn't receive as much snow as they promised but the trails are open.  Ride with caution and have fun! 


February 6, 2019

Trails have been affected by the rain and warm weather.  We have a good base so we are hopeful the trails will be able to withstand the rain.

January 31, 2019

The groomer has been out.  Our trails have been fully groomed.  The new snow has been a big help on the trails.  There is just a few remaining icy spots.  Enjoy your ride but bundle up.  It's seriously cold outside!!

January 27, 2019

The groomer has been out over the weekend..  The trails are good to fair.  There is ice and unexpected open water bars. 

January 25, 2019

Despite the heavy rains received earlier this week the trails are in good condition.  Watch for ice and ride safe.  

January 17, 2019

They are calling for big snow this weekend!!  Trails today are good to fair with snow expected tonight.  We will groom trails starting Friday morning and throughout the weekend.  Ride Safe.

January 11, 2019

Trails are in good condition.  The cold freeze is here so it should help to pack the trails.  Enjoy them while they last.  

January 10, 2019

We got snow and the Trails are open!  The groomer was out last night and we will continue to groom if the weather stays cold so we can fill in the open water bars.  Ride with caution and have fun.  Please ! Stay On The Trails!

January 2, 2019

Happy New Year!  The cold has returned but the trails remain closed until we receive much needed SNOW. Stay tuned...

December 22, 2018

The rains we received were substantial.  Trails are CLOSED until further notice and the cold and snow returns.

December 21, 2018

The warmer weather and rains have forced us to close the trails in the lower elevation areas.  Although there is still snow in the Calvin Coolidge forest areas there is exposed rocks so ride with caution.  Dreaming of snow for Christmas.  

December 8 Trail Work Scheduled

8:00AM Meet at the pull off on Route 103 and Summit Road North in Mount Holly at the Flats

They was a large amount of damage with downed trees and branches from the early snow storm.  Volunteers welcome.  Please contact Steve Howlett for more information steve.howlett2@gmail.com

September 2018

Trail work will begin on September 15th and will continue each Saturday (weather permitting) until the trail work is completed.  We will meet each Saturday at 8:00AM at the Parking area on Route 103 at Summit Road North in Mount Holly.

Questions can be directed to Steve Forrestat mounthollysnowflyers@gmail.com

Our volunteer incentive program will be in effect again this year, information can be found on our web site home page.

The end of the season has come - we are officially CLOSING ALL OUR TRAILS as of TODAY 
January & February were very challenging to say the least - but the March Storms saved the season. There was some excellent riding to be had.
Many of you may not know - the club has requested a grant from the USDA to help the club
purchase a new / newer Tucker for next year. We should know something in the August time frame.
Have a good summer & don't forget trail work is only 5 months away!!3/21/18
Trails are groomed and still in good condition.  Get out and ride while you can.  There is still open water bars so ride with caution.

Trails are groomed and in good condition with plenty of snow.  Star Lake is closed.  

It was a great weekend for riding.  If you did not get out there get this week.  Trails have been groomed again this morning and additional snow is expected all week.  Thank you to all the groomers everywhere for spending their nights in the dark out on the trails working hard to make our days on the trails so great!

The North side trails from 103 to 100 have been groomed and are in great condition 

We have received 24+ inches of snow.  We have groomed to pack the trails down.  Star Lake trail is still closed and not safe for crossing. 

TRAIL UPDATE: Trail 7 South from VT Route 103 in Mount Holly flats south to Healdville Road is closed due to flooding over the trail.  Reminder! Star Lake is not safe and is closed to riding.

Trails are open and have been groomed.  We received some snow but of course with all the warm weather and rain we had the base is thin in areas.  Ride with caution always.  Star Lake is not safe and is closed.

Due to rain and unseasonably warm weather the trails are closed until the cold and snow returns.  

Trails are passable but icy for riding.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to complete full grooming because the groomer cannot get over Salt Ash mountain due to the ice on the hills.  If you ride, do so with caution.  Some of the water bars have opened up and rocks are exposed in the trails.  Although we had a great base the snow coverage is gone and until it snows again we recommend you use scratchers and ride slow.

After the recent snow  - we are pleased to announce OUR TRAIL ARE OPEN!!
Caution needs to be used - the trails may have rough spots, there is a a lot of ice under the fluffy snow also.
We have groomed but the snow is fluffy and easily blown out of the trails.
Don't forget the RIDE - Bar B QUE at the Stonehouse on February 17th weather permitting.

 Be aware due to the recent inclement weather - heavy rain & warm temperatures - ALL TRAILS
IN Mt. Holly ARE CLOSED at this time.
As soon as the conditions improve, we will once again commence grooming and open the trails.
Mother Nature has once again thrown everyone a curve ball!!!1/10/17
Trails have been groomed.  Conditions are good.  

Happy New Year!
The extreme cold conditions have really helped to freeze the water bars.  We have been out grooming and conditions are fair to good but as the snow continues to fall this week trails will be good for the weekend.  
Trails are open but conditions are typical for early season with very thin snow coverage.  Ride with caution.  

It is Snowing BIG TIME!!!  We may get in excess of 12" on top of the 3 - 4" we received Saturday.
The prediction is for snow fall to continue into Wednesday - with heavy accumulations at higher elevation.
We're planning on grooming and having our trails open on December 16th - Opening Day!!!
Early Bird pricing for this seasons TMA's expires at midnight on the December 15th - so
save some bucks and get your Early Bird TMA if you haven't already!!!
See you on the trails!!!!
Mount Holly Snow Flyers

All we need now is snow and lots of it!!  Trail cleanup to remove debris and fallen trees has been completed.  Bridge repair is done.  The final culvert drain has been installed.  Trail signs are being set in place.  Thank you to the few dedicated volunteers who spent countless unpaid hours working for the club , the sport and VAST to make it possible to ride safely every year.  

Weekend trail work October 28th 8:00AM.  Meet at the parking area in the flats on Rt. 103 at Summit Road in Mount Holly.  Please contact Trail Master Steve Howlett 802-558-1013 if you have any questions and would like to volunteer.

Weekend trail work October 21st.  Meet at the parking area in the flats on Rt. 103 at Summit Road in Mount Holly.  Please contact Trail Master Steve Howlett 802-558-1013 if you have any questions and would like to volunteer.10/21/17
Not only does it feel good to help your club but it is financially rewarding.
Have you always wanted to help support your club and the sport you love but didn't know who to contact or where to start?  To find out how you can volunteer email us at mounthollysnowflyers@gmail.com.
If want to help by volunteering to work on the trails to get them in top shape for what we expect to be a stellar snow year please email us or call/text our trail master Steve Howlett in advance at 802-558-1013.

Volunteer Hours
1st time volunteering – club dues will be waived when purchasing current year’s TMA- requires at least 5 volunteer hours
2nd time volunteering – club dues will be waived plus receive a club sweatshirt – requires at least 10 volunteer hours
3rd time volunteering – TMA will be discounted by 50% - requires at least 15 volunteer hours
4th time volunteering – TMA will be discounted 100% - requires at least 20 volunteer hours
Any one who donates a day of equipment time (backhoe, bulldozer, excavator) will receive a free TMA


Weekend trail work October 7th.  Contact Steve Howlett for additional details 802-558-1013

First day of trail work is scheduled for 8:30 AM September 30th meeting at the parking area on Rt. 103 at Summit Road.  Please contact Trail Master Steve Howlett 802-558-1013 if you have any questions and would like to volunteer.  

Trail Work will begin soon.  If you would like to help with trail trail work please email us at mounthollysnowflyers@gmail.com

Update 3/12/17
Trails are closed for the season

Update 3/14/17
At this time we are happy to say that we are in the midst of a full fledged snow storm finally!!
The warm weather of the past 3 weeks can be put in the history books as another fluke of mother nature. We are expecting upwards of 18” to 24”+ of snow from this nor’easter – with snow & cold temps thru the weekend.

Our plan is to break trails with sleds tomorrow & groom south of Rt. 103 – then early Thursday groom everything north of Rt. 103.  Caution should be heeded due to open water bars along with some rough spots – until we can get the trails groomed & packed.  Even then there is the possibility of rough spots due to lack of any base.

Star Lake crossing will remain CLOSED.  We’ll keep everyone updated on the trail conditions on our website & the VAST website

Update 2/27/17
Due to the sudden warm up, lose of snow cover & the impending forecast for 60’s & rain Mount Holly Snow Flyer trails are CLOSED at this time.
When condition improve we’ll keep everyone informed.

Update 2/21/17
Due to the warm weather the past few days the forecast for the weekend – Star Lake is closed to snowmobile traffic.
We will keep everyone updated as to the status of the lake.
Corridor 7 to the Stone House was groomed early today, 2-20-17.
Thursday’s & Saturday’s forecast is for temps into the 50’s so take heed on the trails, there will be patchy conditions with a chance of open water bars.

Update 2/19/17
Unfortunately the groomer broke down on 2/18.  We are currently repairing and should have it up and running today for grooming tonight.  Sorry but we were could not groom the trails on Saturday night.  

Update 2/16/17
We received another 6+ inches of snow between Wednesday and Thursday morning.  Belmont town trails were all groomed on 2/15.  There is a water bar caution in the field at Lovers Lane.  Conditions are excellent.  

Update 2/14/17
Last night trails were groomed on Corridor 7 from the Stone House to Healdville Road and into Belmont.  Riding is fantastic.  Enjoy!!

Update 2/9/17
2-7-17 - Received 2-6" of snow followed by rising temp & rain in the evening.
2-8-17 -/ Temps into the 40's during the day followed by freezing temp in the evening.
2-9-17 - 6+" of snow & still snowing. Grooming North & South of Rt 103 will be completed tonight. 

Current trail conditions are the best they have been all season.  Ride safe and enjoy!!

Update 2/2/2017
Our trails are back open – some spots have low snow and can be scratchy.
Corridor 7 from Healdville Rd. to the Stone House were groomed Wednesday. Healdville Rd section to Rt 103 has thin cover in spots.

Rt. 103 to the Stone House is in good shape – be aware of the logging operation going North from the top of Salt Ash down to the landing.
Also watch out for stumps left by the logging operation along side of the trail.
Belmont trails will be groomed Thursday night & Sunday night.
We’ve gotten a couple inches of the snow in the past couple of days – but could use more for sure.

Update 1/31/2017
Trails North of  Route 103 are in good shape.  Thin coverage in some spots but more snow is on the way.  

Update 1/25/17
We received 4"-6" of fresh snow and the trails are open but conditions are still poor in areas with open water bars and thin snow.  Please ride with caution.  The corridor 7 trail from the parking lot at the state forest to 127 is still closed until the cold and snow returns.  

Update 1/14/17
Due to lack of snow all local trails are closed.  As soon as the much needed snow arrives we will groom and post another trail update.  

Update 12/12/16
Trails are marked with signs, debris is removed, bridges are repaired and snow has arrived.   Unless the weather changes we plan to open gates for riding on opening day December 16th.  Final updates will be sent on FaceBook.   Please ride with extreme caution during early season conditions.  Some trails will be thin and icy.  

Update 11/30/2016
Trails Update:  From the result of the heavy snow, we have been out inspecting our trails and cleaning up the debris.  Salt Ash still has 6” to 10” of snow.  The trails from Rt. 103 north to the Stone House have been cleaned up and are ready for riding when the season opens on December 15th, weather permitting.  Rt. 103 south trails will be done this week after the rain passes.

Update 10/13/16
Thank you to all the great volunteers who have been working hard to get our trails ready for the start of the season.  

UPDATE 9/16/16
Trail work will begin this Saturday September 17th and will continue every Saturday there after, weather permitting. We will meet at the pull off on Rt. 103 at 8:30AM prompt.  If you would like to help with trail maintenance or you have any questions please contact Steve Howlett at either 802-259-2981 / 802-558-1013 or email him at steve.howlett2@gmail.com

Update 3/6/16
All Mount Holly Snow Flyers trails are closed for the season

update 1/27/16
Due to lack of snow and the recent warm weather/rain the Mount Holly/Belmont trails are update CLOSED.  Trails will reopen when we get more snow and conditions improve.  

update 1/22/16
The local trails will open on Friday January 22.  However, depending on the elevation and terrain the conditions are still only poor to fair. 

Corridor 7 from Rt 103 South to Belmont /Ludlow is not recommended for riding due to lack of snow coverage.  Corridor 7 from Rt 103 North to Shrewsbury is fair with many thin spots and water bars. 
Trails are extremely icy and the water bars are open. 

Riding is at your own risk.  Please use extreme caution when riding under these conditions.  Lakes are not safe for riding.  

DO NOT go around closed gates.  If a gate is closed that trail is closed.  Please respect our landowners and their property. 

Grooming will begin when there is enough snow for trail maintenance. 

Reminder: There will be a few logging areas in the Mt. Holly/Shrewsbury area this season so please use caution when riding in and around logging areas.

Ride Safe!