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Trails are closed until next season.  Start the snow dance early!

July 2023

Flood Damage!  Record setting floods have caused devastiating damage to the Mount Holly trails.  Culverts need to be replaced, ditches need to be filled, bridges need to be repaired, debris needs to be cleared.  We are working with VAST for State assistance but we also need your help.  Please join us September 23rd for trail clean up day.  8:30am Belmont Center Green.


Grooming is done for this season due to significant Tucker failure.  Costly repairs will need to be made over the summer for next season.


Trails are open and groomed.  Conditions are good but with open water bars and low snow.  Hopefully another storm will arrive to extend the season


Trails North of Route 103 are open but with minimal snow.  Trails south of 103 remain closed until until we have more snow.


Trails are closed until further notice.  Follow the VAST tail conditions page for additional updates. 


Mother Nature sure threw us a curve ball with weather not seen in Vermont for decades. Everyone and everything were set for the start of a good season that we all had been patiently waiting for then New Year’s arrived with a drenching rain that washed away most of the snow. After the rain and wind had subsided, we headed out to check on the condition of our trails to prep them again.
The Fireworks we planned for New Year’s Eve had to be moved up a day early due to the forecasted rain event. We had a very large turn out that enjoyed our best display to date. A big Thank You to all those who helped with the fireworks; it was appreciated by all.
We have constructed a sign board and have many local businesses sponsoring a sign. We are hope soon riders will see the signboard.
We have a nice supply of club apparel for sale. T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, hats and caps. Visit our website for more information. Items can be purchased directly online and shipped to your door.
We would like to remind everyone that during this down time it would be a good idea to support those businesses that rely on snowmobilers. The lack of snow affects everyone and maybe a lunch or two out-on-town to those who support riders would be greatly appreciated.
Please visit our website at www.mounthollysnowflyers.org for more club news, updates and trail reports.
Thank You to all landowners that allow us access to your property and all volunteers.
Let it snow! 

BELMONT STORE in Belmont VT at Trail 7C

intersection RD81 is CLOSED!    This means NO GAS!